Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hi everyone. These are the last two Lo's i have done for this months challenges over at Artistic Document. The My girl Lo is the colour challenge. you had to use the colours in a pic as inspiration. I used the pinks whites and greens from the pic.
My girl is My gorgeous daughter Cherie celebrating her 25th birthday last year. She's come home for 12-18 months to save to build her own house.

The second one is the Sketch Lo. Both challenges are set by our gorgeous Miss Kym. This one is of my equally gorgeous youngest daughter Melissa and her boyfriend Todd. We had gone over to Melbourne to celebrate our nephews 30th birthday (which is the same day as Melissa's) and the two of them were goofing around.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hi everyone, didn't think i'd get to do this in time but........
Over at Artistic Document we are having a blog hop challenge. We all set a criteria on our blog and then go to the others to get their criteria to do a Lo. There's also a thread for the non bloggers to set criteria.

Mine is masking. use what ever medium, ink, paint, chalk.....
this is a lo did a few months back.

Have fun.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Not much to report on the Reno's since my last post.

the study/scrap room is painted and my scrap desk is in and almost full again. Once the spare room is empty the DD1 will be moving back home.

All our appliances are ordered and the kitchen goes in on the 27'th of this month. picked some colours for the family room and just have to pick some tiles for the kitchen.

Haven't done a lot of scrapping this last month.but got a few of the CC challenges done at Artistic Document.

this one was for the blindscrap for the CC we have each month. This is my gorgeous sister-in-law Noriel (scrappin girl) the picture was taken last November while we were in Melbourne and we celebrated her birthday and my hubbies birthdays.

these two OTP's were for Challenges set by our DT memeber Megan a talented NZér
The "S" was one of the CC challenges and the bag was for themonthly challenge. I'd crakled the bag and had made the butterfly dress form for a swap we did a few months back and thought it tied all together fairly nicely.
Not a very interesting post tonight but i'm on my own and have no one else to talk to so you all have to suffer. lol

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Can't believe how time flies by so quickly. We are half way through September and i don't think i've done any scrapping. I did make two cards but forgot to take pics. One was for Fathers day and the other was for my mums birthday. better not tell you how old. We took her out to tea with my brother and his family. It was fun catching up altogether. We gave her a ticket to see the Russian Ballet perform The Nutcracker. Teased her a bit saying she was going on her own. lol. She was over the moon.

Well the Renos have started. I am sitting in an extremely empty study. There is only the desk that the computer sits on. All my scrapping and craft stuff is either in the garage or in the spare room until hubby gets to paint in here. A couple of before and during pics

The lunatic in the bottom pic is my darling daughter. Never misses a photo opportunity. lol. It looked like a bomb had gone off when i walked in the door from work. I just keep reminding myself IT IS FOR THE GREATER GOOD. not for man kind obviously buthubby wants me happy. god i love him.

Well i've rabbitted on enough for tonight. i'm off next week so hopefully i'll get a chance to scrap.

Caio for now.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Well another nothe has gone by and i've remembered to putup a new post. Well the renovation work that i mention last time has begun and as far as the kitchen side of things are concerned we will be living out of boxes for the next 6 weeks. Oh well it will all be worth it. Didn't believe it Thursday night when hubby and i were cleaning til 10pm. Wont be getting my scrapping room back in order for at least two weeks so i'l be carting things in and out each night. :(

I've been able to get four LO's done last month. This first one was for one of Artistic Documents Cyber Crop challenges. (Terri's Traditional Travel). this was a trip we made with my sister and brother -in-law last November to Tocumwal for golfing. As you can see, Sis and I didn't play golf we ate instead.

this next one was for the Blindscrap challenge (which i won, Thanks Toni) the pic was of me having my Starbuck coffee in Penang. Hubby and i have started a tradition of having a starbucks coffee when we go on holidays. so far we have had one in Singapore, Sydney, Hawaii and Penang Oh and Glenelg in SA.(we stayed there for three nights for a short getaway and had a ball.)
this one was the colour challenge for our regular monthly challenges (this is Kyms Challenge) The colours were pink teal and white. The two love birds in the pic are my youngest daughter and her boyfriend at her 21st birthday.

And this one is another of Terri's challenge's. Apparantly i inspired her with what techniques and what ingredients she wanted us to use (which is basically everything i buy but never use) So Thank you Terri you made me get off my butt and put some purchases to use. lol. We had to use alcohol ink on chipboard and embossing (eg cuttle bug or big shotz), masking and journalling.

So thats all i have done this last month, not very exciting. Ohh but i did go and see The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Brilliant light hearted movie. I won a double pass to see the preview screening and took the youngest daughter with me. We had a really good laugh. make sure you go and see it.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gee time flies, still in the process of getting quotes for kitchen renos. Got quotes for heating and pergola and 1 kitchen quote. 2nd one is coming up on Saturday and then just have to wait for the next two.
I'm going Licorice Linea for the cupboards and Jurassic Marble for the bench tops and stainless steel appliances. I'll be glad when its all over and done with tho.
I've done a few LO and i was lucky enought to have the Lo i posted last time win the challenge.
This LO was for the CC Blindscrap. My two gorgeous girls last christmas.

This one is, as the title suggests, My husband. I took the photo when we were in Penang in April.

Another Christmas LO (Christmas in July) My hubby and two girls showing off some of their pressies.

And last bu not least This Lo is to celebrate our best friends 50th birthday. Again this was while we were in Penant. I not long ago bought T!m Holtz Compendium of Curiosities book and tried a few of his techniques. I got the RLOTW las week for this one. So that really made my week. Will show the birthday boy the Lo on the weekend when we catch up.
Well thats about it. Can't beleive we have started another month.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Well i have been told i've been slack and i need to update my blog. Wont say who but thanks Noriel for the reminder. LOL
Well hubby and i have been organizing quotes to do some renos around the house, 3 down 6 or 7 to go. the 2 main things we want to do is New kitchen and pergola extension. Its all very exciting and tiring at the same time so heaven help me when the work actually starts.

I've done a couple of lo this month and this is the latest one. The pics are of my best girlfriennd and I while we were on holiday in Penang. The Lo was for Terri's puzzle piece challenge over at Artistic Document.

we've got another 3 weeks and we are off to Melbourne again with our besties for a footy weekend and also for our nephews 30th birthday. Can't wait to catch up with Noriel and the family again. 3 days is just not going to be long enough just wish it longer.
That all i can think of boring you with for now. thanks for having a read.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Well i finally (& hopefully) have my computer back for good. took three attempts to fix it but i have now got it back on my desk and i''ve been giving it a run for its money.

I've actually done three LO's in the last week. The Mojo fairy fluttered off somewhere for well over a month and made a reappearance last week. Nothing spectacular but i'm happy with the results

I'd been wanting to do something with the pictures of the girls since i had them printed and this sketch challenge at ARTISTIC Document was perfect. I copied the pics and reduced them in size and flipped the sketch on the side so that i could use them landscape.
The tops LO is for the Cyber crop challenge set by Toni - The Game of Life. WE had to use three pics as a series and using the word LIFE. We had to use blue or pink as our main colour and as you can see i chose the blue. The Pics are from 1982 at my 18th birthday (no doing any maths thanks lol) the GAry & I on holiday in QLD in 2000 and then finally the pair of us this year in Penang.
Had a great day out with some of my cyber G/F's we went to a Coffe Cake and Create day at Seriously Scrapbooking. Firstly I picked Terri, Judi and Margie and headed off to Charolottes Web down near Marion where we met Kerryn and then did some damage to the purse there (they had a trash and treasure sale) and as far as i'm concerned all i got was treasure. lol then we had brunch at Maccas then over to Seriously Scrapbooking and did some more damage to the purse before and during
the sessions. needless to say i have come away with my head spinning with ideas and slightly (very) tired. I love catching up with these girls as they all have great ideas and a gold mine of information on diofferent techniques. We are planning another catch up in Novemeber when my darling sister-in-law is over for a week. So we will be doing more shopping and definately more chatting.
Well i think i have bored you enough so i'm signing off and going to snuggle up with hubby for the evening.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wow its been a long three weeks. I've had so much trouble with my computer so its been back to the place i purchased it from for them to do tests and then i've had to wait nearly a week for a technician from HP to come out and fix it. Finally came out today so i left work early. It was the graphics card as far as we have worked out. so fingers crossed everything will be ok. If something goes wrong again it has to go away to be looked at.

Haven't done any scrapping worht mentioning in the month of May. the mojo went walkabout. slowly getting a bit of inspiration going with a noodle box sewing kit swap over at

I did make some embellished journal tags for a swap at Artisticdocument and i have to pull my finger out and get some Royal ATC's on the go too.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Her are a few more pics from our holiday. top is of the four of us at the top of Penang hill with penang in the background. From Left Gary(hubby), myself, vicki and Peter.
This one is Vicki (left) and myself enjoying a dip in the pool. I can't believe the amount of time i spent in that pool. It was just sooooo relaxing and refreshing.
And this was me feeding the monkeys on the way to the top of Penang hill. We went up in a four wheel drive as the little tram aqnd tracks are having a major revamp. The monkeys fingers were so soft. There were acouple of aggressive ones but most were well mannered.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Here are a couple more pics from our holidays.
This first one is of my honey Gary (on the left) and the birthday boy, Pete enjoying a cigar to celebrate Pete's 50th birthday. Neither of them have smoked for nearly 20 - 28 years but boys being boys they had to have one. lol this one is one of the sunsets we were priveliged to view. Each night was different but just as stunning as the last.

Monday, April 26, 2010

These are the latest LO's i have done for challenges over at ART. This first one is for the Week 8 Magical Musical Challenge, the theme was country. we had a list of criteria which included wire and rusting. I hand made the barbed wire behind the & and my rust was the colour (as in buttons, paint ont he post in the pic and the alpha stickers). also we had to use habadashery items, I put a needle in amongst the straw/hay at the top right of the pic, used buttons and ricrac, we had to do stamping and inkingand also use Kraft CS.

This Lo is for a monthly challenge and we had to do a scrap lift. I picked a LO one of our DT (Toni) did as a digi as it was "magical". The photo was taken in Hawaii from our Hotel balcony. Didn't use any special setting on the camera but clicked away as the yacht sailed across the ocean. We framed a selection of this pics and have them hung in our spare room.

This was Weeks 7 challenge for the MMT. Tango was week 7's theme and we had to use predominantly Red and Black, 2 photo's, two word title, 2 techniques and 2 embellishments (as many of the same as we liked). The little picture was of Hubby and myself on our wedding day and the larger pic was taken in Nov '09 while we were in Melbourne visiting my SIL and BIL. that night we were celebrating hubby's and his sisters birthdays (one day apart). That was another great holiday. I did masking and embossing for my techniques, flowers and a metal wedding cake charm for my embellies and Then Now as my title.

I can't believe we are nearly finished the Magical Musical Bus Tour. We had our last Challenge uploaded this morning and the last mini challenge was uploaded last night. The mini one was to use scraps from one of our previous challenges and decorate a note book (which is just below) and this weeks Challenge theme is "The bridal Waltz". We have to use white and cream, use textures, a three word title, a sub title and we may use tiny touches of gold, silver or black if necessary. The examples the DT have supplied are jaw droppingly beautiful.

Wow. how quick does a week go! Especially when you are away on holiday! My husband and i went to Penang for 7 nights to meet up with our best friends for a 50th surprise. The birthday boy didn't know we were going to be there and his reaction was brilliant when he opened the door of their room. His reaction was "gee you two look like Gary & Sharon" hahahaha

Well we had a brilliant time. Lazing around the pool wandering up and down the markets at night, having drinks at the beach bar in the resort. Where were we staying you ask? The Shangri-La Rasa Resort and Spa. We had a view of the ocean from our room and also over looking the beautiful lush gardens below.

the top pic is of the four of us in the pool, this was about the 5th or 6th photo taken on timer.
The bottom one is the gardens from our room. It was taken at about 7.30am and was a hazy morning.
I highly recommend everyone staying at this resort. The facilities and the service from the staff is second to none. Everyone had a smile on their face and a cheery goodmorning as you passed. Wish i was still there.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hi! Well Toni showed us a link ( and the gorgeous pair of vintage shoes that she made on the weekend, so i thought i'd give the ago to. I made this pair for a swap and they should be flying their way to New Zealand as i type. I made the flower cluster on the front and the black binding is velvet ribbon which is also on the heel (which you can't see properly, sorry). So i've signed up on their site and will see what they think.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

thought it was time to put up a new post.

Well Easter has been and gone and i have 5 days before i fly off to Penang with hubby and meet up with friends.

I've done a couple more challenges over art Artistic Document one of which i have won the Lo of the week. I was really wrap that it got chosen. It was Terri's Seeing Squares challenge and i had a fun afternoon doing it.
and this weeks Magical Musical Tour Challenge had the theme of The Charleston. We had to use warm colours, fringing/tassles, glitter and film strip. I title mine "In their Roaring 20's" and i made a flappers dress using some fringing, some glittery ricrac on the bottom of the main pic and the background paper is a photocopy of a advertisement reproduction from the 20's.

Again another great challenge. Some of the entries are fantastic with a few girls using pics of their grandparents in the 1920's which is fabulous. I just love looking at some of those old pics and thinking about what life would have been like back then.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter bunny is almost here.

finished this weeks Lo for the Magical Musical Tour over at Artistic Document. This weeks theme was punk. This was my effort at Punk. I've ripped material, torn holes, distressed, pinned and inked and stamped and machine sewed the paper.
The pic was taken when we went to the ACDC concert last month.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Well another day down one more closer to holidays. This is my latest LO for Toni's challenge over at Artistic Document. We had to rip, tear, distress and paper pierce. I took these pics of St Peters Cathedral in Adelaide on the night of the ACDC concert. I was waiting for hubby and the girls so i thought don't waste time shaz start taking some pics. I very nearly deleted them when i got home but soooo glad i didn't. This came together so quickly but i must say its one of my favorites at the moment. Its not a LO i would normally do and i didn't over think it. See what not thinking does for you?!?!?! lol

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Woo Hoo!!!!!
I am so happy today. My boulder holders got picked as the winner for the boobie mash challenge.
Toni who ran the challenge is now generously donating $10 a bra to the Jane McGrath foundation so i've added a few more dollars to the coffers too.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Boobie Mash Challenge

This is my entry into one of our Cyber crop chellenges. Toni set it as an ispration to Laraine having her mammogram. So i've added chain and beads along the underwire section butterlies on the cups and laced ribbon in the centre section with the ribbon going throught a charm bead. Toni is donating $5 for every bra pic uploaded for this challenge. It was fun doing it and DD2 requested one done with her old bras. hehehehe It was good fun adding all the bling and making something plain into something pretty.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

These are a couple of things i have done since the weekend. The Lo is for our Blind Scrapp challenge over at Artistic Document and the card is for one of the cyber crop challenges. Ivé used Crate Papers cottage garden range for the blind scrap lo.

Wow another week has flown by. What a week too.
MY girlfriend Vicki and I left for Melbourne Friday morning. Got stuck in traffic on the way down but still got there in plenty of time only to find out our flight had been cancelled. We were put onto a 12pm flight which eventually left at 12.40pm. We got there safely had a taxi drive from hell and got dropped off at the wrong hotel. But it only got better from there. WE shopped Friday night after stopping and having a drink at my neices cafe. walked throught china town and had tea on the corner of burke and russel sts. Italian. yummy.
The next day my daughter and her friends flew over got picked up by my niece and then my sisiter-in-law arrived at the hotel and we all met up at Max Brenners for brunch. We headed back to the Hotel to get ready for our real reason for being in Melbourne. MAMMA MIA. What a fantastic stage show. we went to the matinee showing and the girls got to get one of the actors autographs after the show. Then we went back to our room for drinks and munchies before walking to Lygon st for Tea. Italian again i had a chicken dish which was scrumptious. after us oldies went back to our room again and chatted until 2.15am.
We were up and out by 10am and at the blue train for breakie then wandered throught the casino to show Vicki what it was like and then to South Wharf DFO. Then Noriel and her darling Hubby and kids drove us all back to the airport to see us off. What a weekend! Can't wait to do it again.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Well day two of another week. 3 more sleeps and i'm off to Melbourne for the weekend. yay.

I've just finished my LO for The Magical Musical Tour week 3's challenge Having so much fun doing this. the first pic is a close up of one of the dragonflies i stamped and cutout of transparnecy (saw this on the Scrapbook Creations Masterclass #5 dvd). and obviously the 2nd pic is the Lo. I did it so it looks like old vinyl record.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Here are my ATC's for Scraptherapy. I stamped and embossed the dandelions. The lighting today isn't the best

Wow its been a week since i posted last. How slack. Work has been busy but i got these two layouts done during the early part of the week. The Celebrate one is for Terri's monthly challenge over at ART and we had to whitewash the patterned paper(mine is the shaped paper) and incorporate sewing (machine hand or fake) i hand embroidered the little red buds around the shaped paper. I also coloured the lace at the bottom of the frame (which swings loose) to try and match the curtains in the pic. I painted the frame with white acrylic and then stamped and then when it was dry i sponged on some of T!m's distress ink.

The Black and white Lo is for the MMT challenge. This weeks challenge was Classical. B & white or cream, flourishes, chandeleirs and or damask, rub-ons pearls. I love this pic of hubby and my eldest daughter but her reaction to the LO is "oh that is lovely except for that picture". KIDS! It was the last pic taken on christmas day before we headed to bed. Oh well thats her bad luck and i'm happy with them.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

This is my latest LO for ART. the criteria is to use the 2 pieces of CS in the same colour and another CS in the sme tones.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

This is my Lo for week one of the MMT at ART. The criteria was Bright colours, paint, sparkles & ruffles (paper or ribbon). Well i did bright colours, i made the ruffle dress with ribbons bling on the letters and numbers and glimmermisted the whole LO in Marshmallow. I reall loved doing this. Loooove bright colours.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Its not the best pic but this is me and my family at the ACDC concert in Adelaide. We had a fantastic time. They put on a fantastic concert. would go and see them again.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Wow March already. Oh well that makes it just over 3 weeks before i'm in Melbourne and 7 weeks before i'm in Penang. yay!

I won Kyms Feb challenge over in ART. This is the Lo i did. i hand cut the paper flowers out and followed the instructions from Youtube.
Well our Magical Musicla Tour has started at ARTISTIC DOCUMENT. This week (1) is Salsa. So its bright sparkly and ruffly/frilly. I have ideas just got to get it done.
Off to the AC/DC concert tomorrow with hubby and my girls. can't wait!

Friday, February 26, 2010

I have a half hearted Yay its friday. working from home but at least i'm home with hubby.
This is my latest LO for Artistic Document. It is our February Colour Challenge which was Purple, Red and White. I'm really quite happy with how it has turned out. I think i'm starting to be a bit more adventurous.