Tuesday, December 27, 2011

belated Merry Christmas

A belated Merry Christmas everyone.

hope the jolly fella in the red suit was kind to you all.

We had family around all day and again on boxing day.

Looking forward to picking our friends up from the airport Friday night and then spending New Years with them.

Thanks for taking the time to look, take care. xx

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Its over and the next lot of madness starts

Well the 80 day challenge finished a few weeks ago and i came third.  Laraine won (CONGRATULATIONS LARAINE) and Sim cam second (CONGRATS SIM) with Jodi and Maree coming in 4th and 5th.

It was a great challenge and got us thinking outside the box.

The last destination was New York. and back to the Steam punk theme.

We had to use the last mini challenge doll on the Lo and it had to have an architectural element

I also used my very first mini challenge (we had to use all the mini challenges at some point in the challenge) I Also made up the frame around the photo in photo shop and printed it out to use on the LO.

I was really happy how this turned out.

So a BIG thank you to all the girls on the Design Team for all the challenges and time and effort they put into organizing the challenges, not just for this competition but for all of the challenges each and every month through out the month.

So now Christmas mayhem starts.  the month started with a surprise party that myself, another partner in crime and the hubby of my best friend (whose party it was) going off with out a hitch.  I got to take my best girl out for the day shopping and then bring her home to a house full of family and friends.  A great day and night!!

I made her a memory album but i will upload photo's of the digi LO's another night as it is time for me to hit the hay.

If i don't get to post a new post before Christmas Please everyone take care and have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A VERY HAPPY AND SAFE NEW YEAR!!

Thanks for taking the time to look, take care. xx