Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mad March

The above title would have suited February just as well!
So what has been happening in February. Well we have had visitors for the last 5 weeks. for the first 4 weeks i had a cousin from Wales staying with us. 4 weeks is way to long when they don't want to go see other parts of the country and just want to stay around home.
We hired an apartment for three nights down at Glenelg. the only down side to that was i had to go to work during the day while hubby and cousin enjoyed the wonderful weather on the beach and playing golf and culture of a seaside town. ;o( Not going to let that happen again. lol
We also took him to the Barossa for a wine tour of sorts. I think Cherie (daughter) and I had more fun tasting all the wines. I got some gorgeous photos.
This one is taken under some vines at the Grant Burge winery. I'm thinking of having this one put on a canvas.

this pic was taken at Maggie Beers Pheasant farm/winery. There is a lake of sorts behind the shop/cafe and we had a walk around the outside. at the end of the jetty there lots of dragongflys flitting around and hovering over the water. I was able to snap this one using my zoom when he/she landed on this twig.

Gary & I had a break way from it all in the middle of Haydn's stay. We had organized a weekend away with friends 4-5 months ago to stay up at Hahndorf. We stayed at the Manna on the main street of Hahndorf. Quite a nice set of units. It was a lovely relaxing weekend. WE literally took all day to stroll down one side of the street and then back up. It was so nice. There was 6 couples and depending on the speed on each individual no one couple actually stuck to their partners while strolling. we all got mixed chatting and window shopping and actual shopping. We had tea at the German Arms one night and the Hahndorf inn the other. Both meals were huge and unbelieveably delicious.
I took this pic walking back to the Motel on the Saturday night. I was trying to get a nice pic of the moon but i was surprised the way the old buildings turned green in the photo.
And these beautiful people are the great friends that we went away with.
My husband worked the the gentleman on the left and the two on the right for nearly 30 years and stil works with the guy in the middle. We have been going out for tea and having our weekends for 15 - 20 of those years. the wives are just as good friends too. A few of us even go interstate together to watch our Beloved CROWs footy team play and there have also been a number of girls weekends in Melbourne.
so that leaves us the last week of February. Well that will have to wait for the next post (possibly tomorrow) as i think i have bored you enough for one post.