Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Where has the time gone

My daughter informed me a couple of weeks ago that i have been slack in updating my posts (and also told me off for my grammar and punctuation. Kids!)
Well what has happened in 5 months?? A lot but not a Lot. If that makes sense.
I had my birthday in June.
I think the most important event is that  our eldest daughter purchased her own home and moved into it in July.
A lovely 3 bedroom villa only 5 minutes from Mum ( thank goodness). Her Dad has painted most of the rooms and occasionally phones her to say "is it alright if I go around to your place and do this or that". So its all coming together for her. She just had her new lounge suite delivered yesterday.

I also started a new position at work, Quality control.  Its not really hard work but it takes time and can be mentally exhausting.  I am enjoying it.

We had my lovely sister-in-law & brother-in-law come and stay for the weekend in August and had a lovely 3 days together. We went to Glenelg one day and had lunch and a few drinks at the Watermark Hotel and then drove along the coast up to Semaphore and had afternoon tea at the Palais.  And as you can see brothers and sisters never grow up.

September was fairly quiet. We celebrated my Mums birthday, and this was the card I made for her.and as every good mother does.... it goes in her display cabinet. lol.

October is a completely different month as it started on a good note, well the first two days.  On the Monday night we went out for tea to celebrate my nephews birthday and then on the 2nd hubby and i
packed up and headed off to Mildura ( a 4.5hr drive) for 4 days of rest and relaxation.  That idea went out the window 6pm that night when we received a phone call from our youngest daughter to say she had gone to pick something up (an apple pie we had left in the fridge) and found the inside of the house under water.  Gary told what she had to do regarding turning the water off, which our little hero did despite the mains tap being in bug infested bushes. A few phone calls later we had 2 daughters, 1 father, 1 future son-in-law and our 2 best friends at our house sucking up water and moving furniture up out of the water.  2 bedrooms, the lounge, study and kitchen ended up being effected.  But if it wasn't for all their help things would have been so much worse so we are so grateful to have these people in our lives. Now the house is dried out and its the waiting game to get things replaced or repaired.  The insurance company have been great so far.
 I am so glad I raised daughters who love their food. lol.

Well that's my life blogged to date.  At the moment I am trying to make my Secret Santa gift and if I don't stop surfing the net and procrastinating it's never going to get done.

Thanks for taking the time to look, take care. xx