Sunday, February 6, 2011

February already

Wow i cant believe 1 week of Feb has already gone.
I finished Last weeks tag last night an here it is. Last weeks (wk5) question was "what would you write on your wall (not facebook). The criteria for this week was that we had to use buttons and bows.
This is the front with the buttons and bows

ans this is the answer. I used kaiser clear and black bling inbetween the black flower buttons
Last week i picked my cousin Haydn up from the airport. He's here from Wales for four weeks and this first week has flown by. He managed to get sunburnt even though we told him to wear a hat and sunscreen. so i took a lot of pleasure slapping the freezing cold aftersun aloe vera gel on his back.
He's down south for the weekend staying with some friends that emigrated 6 years ago. So that will help us not to get sick of one another. lol. Next week we are off to Glenelg for 3 nights. He loves Glenelg so they can roam around there or they can play golf while poor me has to go to work.
In two weeks time hubby and i are off to Hahndorf for the weekend with some friends so that will be a lovely break and then the following Wednesday my sisiter-in-law and niece are over for a week. With the final night being Micahel Buble concert. i'm soooooooo excited.
Read a really lame joke yesterday but thought i might share it with you.
What's a Shitzu? A Zoo with no animals!
Yes i can hear you groan. so on that note i will sign off.