Saturday, February 25, 2012


Don't faint from shock but yes i'm posting AGAIN. Twice in two days.
I just went outside IN the heat to but some recycling in the bin and saw that the sky was changing colour (I know it ususally does at sunset)so i took this pic..
Nothing spectacular but i loved how the setting sun changed the colour of the tree.
Like i said nothing spectacular but that huge bunch of berries(?) hanging down are usually yellow.
Where-ever you are i hope you get to enjoy your sunset tonight.

Thanks for taking the time to look, take care. xx

Friday, February 24, 2012

My new scrapping space?

Well i have finally moved into my own srapping room at home.
you may remember my nice clean half empty space from a few weeks ago.  Well no longer is it half empty and neat.

do i want i nice clean scrapping space where i can find everything....... YES
Do i love the mess i have .......... OH i love it even more. I feel like i'm doing something in a mess.

I have a sign somewhere which says something along the lines of .... I'm being creative you can't expect me to be neat as well.  lo.

Well i'm off to be creative.  need to make a 60th birthday card.

Thanks for taking the time to look, take care. xx

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A new home.

Hi everyone,

I am so excited!!!  Just this week A gorgeous lady (and friend) Toni and new Scrapbooking forum.
It is called ........

come on over and join the fun.  there are going to be challenges (which start 1st March) and prizes for the lucky winners and the members are super friendly. (incase my attempt at linking doesn't work the addy is )
Hope to see you there.

Thanks for taking the time to look, take care. xx