Saturday, June 26, 2010

Well i finally (& hopefully) have my computer back for good. took three attempts to fix it but i have now got it back on my desk and i''ve been giving it a run for its money.

I've actually done three LO's in the last week. The Mojo fairy fluttered off somewhere for well over a month and made a reappearance last week. Nothing spectacular but i'm happy with the results

I'd been wanting to do something with the pictures of the girls since i had them printed and this sketch challenge at ARTISTIC Document was perfect. I copied the pics and reduced them in size and flipped the sketch on the side so that i could use them landscape.
The tops LO is for the Cyber crop challenge set by Toni - The Game of Life. WE had to use three pics as a series and using the word LIFE. We had to use blue or pink as our main colour and as you can see i chose the blue. The Pics are from 1982 at my 18th birthday (no doing any maths thanks lol) the GAry & I on holiday in QLD in 2000 and then finally the pair of us this year in Penang.
Had a great day out with some of my cyber G/F's we went to a Coffe Cake and Create day at Seriously Scrapbooking. Firstly I picked Terri, Judi and Margie and headed off to Charolottes Web down near Marion where we met Kerryn and then did some damage to the purse there (they had a trash and treasure sale) and as far as i'm concerned all i got was treasure. lol then we had brunch at Maccas then over to Seriously Scrapbooking and did some more damage to the purse before and during
the sessions. needless to say i have come away with my head spinning with ideas and slightly (very) tired. I love catching up with these girls as they all have great ideas and a gold mine of information on diofferent techniques. We are planning another catch up in Novemeber when my darling sister-in-law is over for a week. So we will be doing more shopping and definately more chatting.
Well i think i have bored you enough so i'm signing off and going to snuggle up with hubby for the evening.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wow its been a long three weeks. I've had so much trouble with my computer so its been back to the place i purchased it from for them to do tests and then i've had to wait nearly a week for a technician from HP to come out and fix it. Finally came out today so i left work early. It was the graphics card as far as we have worked out. so fingers crossed everything will be ok. If something goes wrong again it has to go away to be looked at.

Haven't done any scrapping worht mentioning in the month of May. the mojo went walkabout. slowly getting a bit of inspiration going with a noodle box sewing kit swap over at

I did make some embellished journal tags for a swap at Artisticdocument and i have to pull my finger out and get some Royal ATC's on the go too.