Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy 2013

WOW!!! Its 2013!!
Hopefully it will be a LUCKY year this year.
We are finally back in order after our little episode with the indoor paddling pool last year.
We have brand new plush carpet in all the rooms that were affected.  I love coming home after work taking my shoes off and walking into my bedroom and squishing my toes in the pile. (I'm even doing it now while I type in my craft room).  There's nothing like giving your feet a bit of pleasure after a long day at work and cooped up in shoes (I have to wear enclosed shoes at work).
I think this year I'm going to try and do more things that will de-stress me after work. so there is going to be toe/carpet squishing, foot spa's, I may even luxuriate in a bath or two instead of having a shower. 
This month i have started doing a photo of the day challenge. the site I'm doing it with is So far I have done each and everyone.  I know 5 days doesn't sound like a big effort but for me that is a record! LOL.  (my kids tell me I have a short attention span when we are talking (oops) ).  I have also been keeping a journal. The longest I have been able to keep up one of these is 8 months.  lets see if I can finish 2013.
We have a few weekend getaways planned and a big holiday later in the year.  Either to the US (if our friends can make it) or the UK (if they can't). 

Well I think I have bored you enough.

Thanks for taking the time to look, take care. xx


ann said...

Wow wow wow love your new look blog.
and also to see you back in blog land well I can't talk !!!!!
I find with pinterest, FaceBook and forums I tend to forget about my blog.
Glad your house is back in order How fun to squish your toes in beautiful new carpet !!! careful you don't make holes lol

scrappin' girl said...

HAPPY 2013 !!! LURV your new 'blog home' look forward to seeing your 'pics' EVERYDAY XXXXX